Who we are ?

Swissclear Global is a digital entertainment service provider based out of Singapore, with offices in India, and the United States. SwissclearGlobal’s business platform is designed to provide a fast, reliable and secure way to pay for digital services, without the need for credit cards or long term commitments. SwissclearGlobal’s distribution network extends to more than 100,000 retail points across multiple countries. SwissclearGlobal’s prepaid cards (both virtual & printed) are branded as TAPPP, the prepaid consumer marketplace of Swissclear Global. TAPPP, a triple p for all the things the brand represents; people, places and payments.

Swissclear Global enables content partners to reach new markets and expand their business through a single integration, which opens up access to the entire Swissclear network. Agents or resellers can also enjoy a full suite of entertainment products in one single connection. With this seamless distribution network, customers are given the convenience of paying for entertainment services using cash, cards or online.

Swissclear Global continues to expand its network operations, content suiteand technology platforms and is aiming to reach billions of consumers across the globe.

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Personalized Content

Chose from different digital content providers to watch only what you want.

Entertainment on Demand

Watch all your desired content on-demand anytime, anywhere.

Ease of Payment

Easy payment methods; both online and offline. Chose for a desired period of time without any hassle of being bound by a contract.


Available across multiple countries online, as well as in more than 1 lakh retail stores.